Thursday, December 30, 2010

Giddy Up!

Stumbled across what I've since decided is my new favorite TV program.

It's called, "Last American Cowboy" and airs on the Animal Planet.

This epic adventure follows three Montana families of tough, tenacious and headstrong cowboys through freak storms, deadly outbreaks of disease, hungry predators and forest fires that threaten their livelihood.

Good stuff. Montanna looks to be a beautiful place.

Check it out if you dare!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Very Expensive Cat Bed...

This is Lila, one of our two cats. They've been relegated to the basement ever since we had our carpets replaced. It's not that bad. I took some of the older carpets from the bedrooms and laid them throughout the basement, so it stays relatively warm. Plus there are old pillows, rugs and blankets available for them to curl up in.

However, as you can see from this picture, Lila, is the smarter of the two. She can almost always be found curled up on the furnace, which gets pretty toasty.

Who says animals are stupid?

Coco Puff or is it?

So, last night we're done eating dinner and clearing off the table and putting everything away where they go.

I pulled the short straw and was loading the dishwasher when I noticed something familiar to me sitting on one of the plates but also something that should NOT be on a diner plate (at this point I already knew what this item was - honest!). So I proceeded to take a closer look at about the same time as I tossed the question out to JoAnne and Emile, "what is this"?!

JoAnne's reply was, "It's a Coco Puff of Emilie's. It was on the floor."

My response - Nope, that's NO coco puff.

JoAnne - "Yes it is, it was here on the floor. I just picked it up."

My response - Nope, that's not a coco puff!

I made my way to the pantry and removed a single coco puff from the cereal box and placed it beside the "other" item for a side by side comparison. I then presented this comparison to JoAnne and Emilie for their inspection. That's when it all became clear!

You see, if was a "smart pellet" or rather a rabbit turd. A single coco puff looking rabbit turd! Now, don't get the wrong idea here, JoAnne runs a spotless ship here, so don't think that we have a dirty kitchen with droppings all over. Clearly, it hitched a ride in on my shoes from when I was out tending to the critters.

No harm, no foul and thank goodness no one tried to eat it, YUCK!

If you're in the neighborhood, stop in for a bowl of coco puffs...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Number 54

So, I'm presently at work, working like a dog, head down and in the zone. My phone begins to ring, which snaps me back to the present.

It's JoAnne, she's whispering and in a giddy excited voice. She says to me, "I'm at Target in North Attleboro, guess who else is here"?

Although a good guess I was wrong.

Again, she whispers in that same giddy, excited, oh la la, out of breath voice and says, "Tedi Bruschi"!! "He's in the toy isle with his boys"!!

Pretty cool huh?!?! I asked her to take a picture of him but she wouldn't because he was with his boys. Admirable, but c'mon it's THE Tedi Bruschi! Mr. New England Patriot! He's gotta be used to being approached all the time by adoring fans.

Anyway, not sure of the outcome but I suggested that she head over to the book section and see if there was a copy of his book, "Never Give Up: My Stroke, My Recovery & My Return to the NFL". If so, see if he was willing to sign it and if yes then buy it! I already have this book and have read it but owning a signed copy would be pretty cool.

I guess we'll see when I get home if JoAnne had the nerve to approach him. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Presto Changeo

OK, so similar to things like the Salmon migration, or the Wildebeest migration, we have a yearly occurrence of our own here at the ole homestead. We might not be swimming against currents, or crossing alligator infested waters but don't be fooled the challenges are similar...

You see, each fall/winter our garage needs to be organized. This organization accomplishes two things really; (1) to shuffle and store the summer items. i.e. mowers, wheel barrel, etc and to pull forward the winter items, i.e. snow shovels and snow blower; (2) to store the trailer indoors and to allow us to park the Explorer inside too. However, this year the challenge has been expanded and we now need to be able to get the aforementioned items in as well as the new Toyota.

Before, November -

After December -

and we did it! It's a tight fit and there are items that will be inaccessible till Spring as they're buried but it's done and everything fits snugly. Bring on the cold, snowy New England weather, we're ready, beeach!

Booyah, Early Christmas Present

Check out my early Christmas present! Rock on!

A Keurig single cup brewer! This is a fantastic little machine! There are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa and iced beverages to choose from, so it 's easy to please everyone!

Day's of making a full pot of coffee are no more. Having to microwave left over coffee (which I usually burn and then dislike), also no more. You want a cup of coffee, walk on over pop in the flavor of choice and press the brew button and in less than a minute, BAM, done!

Come on over and I'll make you a cup.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Identify the Hawks, If You Can!

We've have visitors of a different sort the last couple of weeks. Well, let me clarify, we've noticed on several occasions these hawks. I'm sure they're always around but being as allusive and swift as they are we don't typically see them. However, being that we've on the verge of winter with the temperatures dropping and that all of the leaves are now down, these beauties are easier to spot as they're hunting for a meal.

At first I thought these were both Cooper's Hawks but I'm not too sure now. I believe they're two different type of hawks anyway - a Cooper's hawk on the roof top and a Sharp-Shinned hawk in the tree but I could be mistaken just the same. It could simple be they're age difference, adult versus juvenile.

Cooper's Hawk -

Sharp-Shinned Hawk -

Don't be shy. Jump in here and let me know what you think. This comparison link might help or confuse you even more like it did me - Project FeederWatch

Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Spirit, Deterrent or Both

After -

Twas a beautiful Saturday morning, when outside the house
Not a creature was stirring. not even a woodpecker;
The tinsel and garland were hung on the house with great care,
In the hopes that the woodpeckers wouldn't reappear;

To date this trick has been working, hanging shinny items to deter the woodpeckers from returning. As you can see there is no more damage today. However, there was quiet a bit, as you can see in the picture below, before it's was repaired.

Before -

Cigars for Everyone!

They're here, they're here! They're finally here!

Our ceiling dwelling spider is officially a mom. From the looks of it there are about a gazillion little ones. Good thing they're not in the downstairs bathroom...oh, wait they are, oops. Shhhhh...

I voted to remove them with the vacuum cleaner but Emilie wouldn't allow it. But they'll stay in that one room right?! I don't have to worry about having one crawl in my ear canal when I'm sleeping or watching TV or anything right?! Well, that good to know, phew.

The Morning After Visit

OK, tell me again how dumb turkey's are rumored to be?!

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and first thing in the morning, this flock of 10 turkeys came out for a visit. We've not seen them here for about a year now. Kinda ironic that once "turkey" day passed they felt confident enough to make an appearance.

They're beautiful birds and welcome here anytime.