Thursday, March 22, 2012

Massachusetts "Move Over Law"

So, the state of Massachusetts has a law, often referred to as the "Move Over Law" (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 89, Section 7C), in which it requires operators of cars and other vehicles to pull into the left lane (when travelling on roads with 2-4 lanes heading in the same direction) if "practicable." If it is not practicable to change lanes, the law require drivers to reduce speed and "proceed with caution."

I think we can all agree that this is a well-intended law designed to save lives. I would argue that the law is vaguely written and I would think difficult to enforce, however, that's not why I am writing about it here.

I am writing in an attempt to illustrate just how stupid and dangerous and dangerously stupid some drivers can be! In general, some of the things I've seen during my commutes to and from work are scary! It's funny how some drivers take things so literal and then there are the ones who are completely clueless.

Let me try to paint the scenario:

Mr. Big Rig Truck driver is cruising in the slow-lane and traveling at 70+MPH.
Mr. Big Rig Truck driver sees blue flashing lights up ahead. The State police have someone pulled over and they're pulled over in the breakdown lane.
Mr. Big Rig Truck driver (assumption here) is aware of the states Move Over Law, so, and if your lucky, his left directional comes on and here he comes moving his big rig into the center lane!! It doesn't appear to matter to Mr. Big Rig Truck driver that Mr. Small 4-Cylinder Automobile is occupying the center lane at that point, nope. After all, I must "Move Over, it's the law" (being literal and NOT practical), DAH! What about the slow down portion of the law, hmm?!?! So, just get out of his way, he's not gonna slow down otherwise he'll run you over!

In the end Mr. Big Rig Truck driver doesn't want to risk getting a $100.00 ticket for not abiding to the law, so he's moving over. It doesn't matter if he runs Mr. Small 4-Cylinder Automobile off the road, or causes an accident in his wake. He must move over!

So, although the law has good intentions to protect anyone pulled over on the highway from getting run over, it fails in terms of the dangers it introduces when these BIG trucks decide to change lanes at high speeds because - wait for it...wait for it...wait for's the law!

Word to the wise, stay alert out there!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trixie Patient

Here's the lady of the house, Miss Trixie, stretching out and trying to catch a nap. As you can see she's wearing a lovely blue soft collar, size XS. The ladies of the house just love to accessorise!!

Actually, dog-dog here had a Monday morning vet appointment and went under the knife; we had her spayed. While "under" the doctor had to pull her last baby tooth to make room for her new, big girl canine tooth that was already on it's way in. She did very well but the poor thing was listless and just plain blah when we got her home. Here we are a couple days later and she's doing just fine and almost back to her old self. Still wearing the collar though so she won't fuss and pull at her one stitch.

2012 Garden Tilling, Done!

I spent last Sunday (manually) turning the soil in our BIG vegetable garden. The Winter Rye I planted in the fall was growing too tall and thick with this fabulous weather we've been having, so it was best to get this all tilled sooner rather than later. Our gardens have all been turned and are sitting ready for when it's planting time.

I uncovered a wild rabbit nest dug into the ground and perfectly hidden in the tall Winter Rye, see picture below. I suspected I might find one, as I came across one last year (at least I think it was last year but as I write this I'm having some doubts. It very well could have been two years ago, yikes...). The one last year didn't fare too well. I only learned of it by the squealing of the kits that I had tilled, and which ended up being compost.

This years nest meet the same fate as the one before and was tilled under too. However, this one didn't have any young it, which is good since it spared me from having to compost baby bunnies again.

Spring Has Sprung!

What a day! 73 degrees this afternoon here at the ole homestead!

At this point I don't think there is anything still in it's winter dormancy - everything is bursting or getting ready to pop.

Here is a lone yellow crocus that sprang up in the middle of our lawn -

Here's a cluster of our Snowdrops wide awake and in full bloom -

Here's a nice light purple crocus bunch with a couple Tulips poking their way up -