Monday, June 10, 2013


So, the other afternoon I spotted the mother woodchuck, who's burrow resides in the neighbors back yard, in our backyard.  However, she was not alone, nope!  She had (4) little woodchuck-lets in tow.  This concerns me something awful, as our veggies are all in and starting to take off.  They won't have a chance with a family of woodchucks roaming around.

Emilie grabbed the net and took off after them the other afternoon and much to my surprise she was able to catch one!  Boy was she elated, which is the exact opposite feeling of the woodchuck-let.  One down four to go.

Well, Saturday afternoon I was able to do the same thing, although, I used a shovel.  Low and behold, two woodchuck-lets caught.  Although, they're out and about, they are still too young to know and understand the dangers, plus tiny legs equals slow get-away speed.

I mush admit they are the cutest little things, however, they're not the petting-zoo type of animal, oh no!!  They're small but have some good choppers in their mouth and show them often.

Two to go...

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