Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Berry Pick We Will Go!

 Emilie and I took a nice walk together Saturday morning.  The ball fields, playground and dog park is just up the street, so that's where we headed.  While there look what we happened upon, oo-la-la!
When we got home we grabbed a couple of good size bowls and headed back up to our "find"!  In no time we had both bowls filled to the top and overflowing with this black, tasty goodness, yummy!
It all worked out to 12 heaping cups full of delicious blackberries!  JoAnne used two cups in a scrumptious pie she made, the rest have been out in the freezer for another time...
We'll need to make another trip to pick more, as there were oodles on the cusp of ripeness that we left behind.

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