Friday, May 30, 2014

1985 Yamaha Maxim XJ700

Here is my new, or rather vintage, ride!

A 1985 Yamaha Maxim XJ700

Open road here I come!

Mr. Toad Incognito

Say hello to my little friend!!

I was watering our tomatoes this past weekend when I spied this American Toad hiding (trying) in the sedum which boarder the back edge of the garden.

A welcome sight to say the least.  I'm sure he's gobbling up all kinds of insects, as he was a pretty good sized toad.

He contently stayed just like that for most of the day (I checked in on him from time to time).  I suspect he ventured out later in the evening to start eating.

The Chrysalises Are Hatching!

The Black Swallowtail chrysalises are beginning to hatch into absolutely beautiful butterflies!

The first two hatched a couple weeks ago.  Last week four more hatched out.  

Oddly, all six appear to have been females.  Wonder why - diet? temperature? or the fact that they were caged and kept in the garage all winter?  Interesting...

There are several more chrysalises. I suspect they'll also be hatching soon.  Hopefully they'll stick around our yard this summer.

Swept Me Off My Feet

So, I found this Agri Lawn Sweeper on the side of the road for free some 15 or so years ago.  Quite a find to say the least!  Over the years it got plenty of use and not just by me but my neighbors also.  I mostly used it for Spring and Fall yard cleanup and it worked great.

However, all that being said the problem with this lawn sweeper is storing it.  It's big, bulky and heavy.  So, the other day I made the spur of the moment decision and posted it for sale on Craig's List.  In less than a week this dude was sold and we pocketed $120.

It'll be missed but with my lawn tractor bagger's do an excellent job at pickup also, so it had to go.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My College Graduate

My oldest graduated with honors from Sacred Heart University's (SHU) John F. Welch College of Business the past Sunday!

Seems like only yesterday I was moving a nervous Freshman into the dorms.  Four years later she's a beautiful, confident young woman with endless possibilities and set to embark on the next chapter in her life.  

I'm a VERY proud dad!

Congratulations Stephanie!

It's A Veggie Gardening Time!

and we're off!

Our Garlic is doing terrific!  We planted these in the Fall and once the warm weather arrived these plants took right off.  Hmm, can't wait to taste!

Planted eight Cucumber seedlings; paired up.  Also, there's a single Red-Leaf Lettuce plant growing.  This must have come from last years planting AND I'm NOT complaining!

The coup de gras, our BIG garden.  Planted twenty tomato plants; (12) Big Boy's and (8) Jet Star, four Broccoli, twelve squash; (6) Zucchini and (6) Summer

Still to plant: peppers, pole beans, kale, parsley, carrots and radishes.

Apartment Space For Rent

Well, it last just one year before it went to the birds...

As you can there are six bird nests atop the support beam to our deck.  They're all American Robin nests.  I'm just not sure yet if there's more than one nesting pair that's taken up residence. The best view is from the basement door, however, even that view isn't the best and as soon as you open the basement door off they go.  But if I was to guess I would say there's only one pair.

I really would prefer they do their family rearing someplace else.  I'm pretty sure the cranky old homeowner isn't going to be too happy when bird droppings start adorning the support beam...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Emilie's Bed - Raised Flower Bed That Is!

Emilie and I, with help from the neighbor youte; her friend, built a new raised bed to replace the old, rotting one we had strawberries in for years.  This new one, however, is for Emilie's use.  To plant whatever her little heart desires.  As you can see form the picture she's started with some flowers - Dalia's and Salvia, and has begun decorating with some granite as stepping stones.

I'll get her thumbs green yet!

Sprung A Leak!

We noticed a couple of weeks ago that there was quite a bit of water in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. 

Our kitchen faucet head is removal-able so you can pull it out and use it like a garden  hose, for lack of a better analogy.  Upon further investigate I discovered that the hose (the one on the right in the above photo) sprung a leak about 6" down, which of course was under the sink hence all the water.  

Although we bought the faucet, a Delta faucet, back in 2005 once call to the company and a replacement hose was shipped out to us, at NO cost including shipping!

It arrived the other day and within 10 minutes I had the new hose installed.

Crisis averted.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunny Side Up!

Trixie found the one warm sunny spot and claimed it for her nap.

Ah, a dog's life...

Oh Deer Mr. Sedum

The Whitetail deer were visiting the other day.

There were three of them and I'm guessing a mother and her two babies from last year.  Nice to see they made it through the long, cold New England winter we just had.  Although, not quite sure how.  The younger ones ventured out onto the lawn; not the mother.  She stayed along the woodline and constantly on the look out.  Someone should tell her they're in Franklin, not the Serengeti.

As I've said in the past, they're welcome to come and visit as long as they stay in the neighbors yard.  You can see in the second picture below, one of the youngsters was snacking on the just-popping-through-the-soil Autumn Joy Sedum.  Ate it right to the ground before moving onto the next plant.  Just glad it was the neighbors plants and not ours.

Another problem that these Odocoileus virginianus bring with them are TICKS!  I've found several on me already this Spring.  The neighbors boy too. Little pest, potential big problems.

Guess The Critter

Can you identify the bird in the first photo - WITHOUT peaking at the second photo?



Nope, it's not an American Robin!

Good guess though.

Put on your thinking cap.

I'm smelling something burning!

C'mon you know this!

You can do it!

Take a guess...


Give up?!

Fine!  It's a <see below>

Baltimore Oriole!

He's hanging out, sticking out and dinning out on the pear tree's Springtime blossoms.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

HBD Daughter #1

Wishing my oldest daughter, and soon to be college graduate, a VERY Happy Birthday!