Friday, May 01, 2015

A Scam; Those Scum!

So, I received the above text message the other day while at work.  Of course my initial reaction was OMG!  However, I wasn't buying it.  Something just didn't seem right about the message.  After a couple minutes, I thought I'd best respond just to make certain.  My reply went unanswered, as I suspected, but after a couple minutes my phone rang!

I was greeted by a broken English speaking piece of $hit who proceeded to regurgitate a similar story to the text but said it was my brother who was in the accident.

I asked, "where did this occur".  His response, "here in the city, Boston.". To which I replied, "nope wrong city and state".  He immediately hung up.


My fingers are crossed that Karma catches up to him soon, real soon! I'm hoping for, what else, a car crash.

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