Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I Sew I Sew It's Off To Work I Go!

Pool closing season is upon us and I hope to be closing our's down soon, real soon!

In preparation for this upcoming undertaking some repairs were needed to the cover.  These items were noted back in the Spring when we removed the cover, several seams have come apart, UGH.

We bought the cover back in 2004.  Although, it's faded quite a bit all in all it's held up and done a fine job.  However, I wish they would have used sturdier stitching, as there are many sections showing wear.

So, since Sunday was a rainy day, down to the garage I went with needle in hand.  I unfolded the cover and located the problem sections.  Using a heavy duty fishing line, I began the task of sewing the holes - knit one, purl two or something like that.

TA-DA!  Shown is the pool cover's underside and the end result of my sewing technique!

Time will tell if my time and effort were well spent.

Looks like another big pool expense is in our near future!

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