Saturday, September 12, 2015

MacGyver Would Be So Proud

Yamaha riders are a unique bunch and pretty creative, if I do say so myself, hehehe!

I took this picture, that shadow is me, of this Yamaha.

I've circled, in red, the interesting aspect of this bike and where the creativity comes in.  It's what's referred to as "highway pegs".  Highway pegs are simply forward pegs used to give the rider a different sitting or cruising position for their feet.

I could be mistaken on this point but I believe this type of motorcycle typically does not have forward highway pegs.  They can be purchased and installed, which I've had done to my Yamaha.  However, this person used a tree branch, which runs through to the other side, as his highway pegs.  I didn't look close enough to see how this was secured but I suppose it works.

They do make a noticeable difference on long rides.

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