Saturday, September 12, 2015

Well Hello There!

Tending to the pool yesterday at lunch time I spied this young mouse holed up in one of the skimmer boxes.

Due to the heat and humidity we've been having recently the pools water level is extremely low.  This allowed said mouse a dry place to hide.  However, that was short lived as I began adding water.  It wasn't long after that this dude became water logged.

Subconsciously, I said to myself that if he survives the next couple of hours until Emilie got home from school I'd let her know knowing that she'd jump to the rescue.  Sure enough it survived, barley, and Emilie scoop him into a 5-gallon bucket with a piece of bread and some leaves.  She's been keeping a watchful eye on him all evening and first this this morning.

Gosh darn it, wouldn't you know he's still alive.  We will NOT be keeping it and it will NOT be released here.  Rather we'll be taking it for a little ride...

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