Friday, January 29, 2016

Office Shuffle

I've been sitting in the same cubicle at work for about the past four years.  As far a cubicles go it was fine, small but a place to call my own after a ~60 odd mile commute.

Well last Friday we moved to a different section of the building.

Here is my old cubicle, B-138 -

The new areas are now configured in "bull pens" with four desks per pen. This new configuration is to promote collaboration.  In the short time it does address that, however, there is very little privacy now.  Not that there was much before but now almost zero.

Here is my new work area, D-142 -

My bull pen buddies work in the same group as I and we get along very well. So, so far so good but keep in mind it's only been a week...

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