Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maniacal Laughter Is One Description

Friday morning, around 5AMish, I was awoken by a loud noise coming from outside.  The noise sounded like it was coming from under the bedroom window.  Still in a fog, I waited for the noise to come again and there is was!  A sound I'm familiar with, and one we typically hear during the spring and summer, and always off in the distance.

I jumped out of bed and opened the window to get a better sense of where the noise was coming from.  Perhaps, I was too eager and too loud but scared off the noise make because there was no more noise to be heard.  I listened for a while and thought I heard something moving away through the back underbrush.

The noise was most definitely the howling of a coyote!  I can't be certain but it sure sounded like it was right near the chicken coop, which is our backyard!

I'm not novice and understand that nocturnal-type critters are out and about all the time.  Just because you don't hear them doesn't mean they're not around.

They're welcome to come pass by and visit as often as they'd like.  They can even help themselves to a chipmunk, squirrel or woodchuck or two.  However, the invite will come to a quick end if they get a hanker'n for chicken or pet rabbit or Trixie-dog...

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