Sunday, February 14, 2016


It was very cold and super windy yesterday afternoon.  So, while out running errands I pulled into the McDonald's drive thru for a hot coffee in an effort to help chase the chill away.

The following is about how the interaction with the McDonald employee/teenager went -

McD:  Welcome to McDonald's, would you like to try a breakfast sandwich this afternoon?
Me:  No thank you.  Medium black coffee please.
McD: Is that all?
Me: Yes.
McD: Okay, that'll be $1.07 at the second window.

As I'm pulling to the second window I remove a single from my britches and begin riffling through my stash of coins for a nickel and two pennies.  Unable to locate a nickel, I opt for a dime and proceed to hand the lad $1.12 - a single, two pennies and a dime.

The kid was obviously taken aback by what I handed him. He hem'd and haw'd for several seconds, as the automatic window closed, confused and not sure what to do.  He then returns, window opens, and proceeds to hand me my dime back -

McD: Excuse me sir, that was $1.07, you gave me too much
Me:  That's correct.
Me: I didn't have exact change.  I gave you $1.12 so you would give me back a nickel.
McD: Oh!,Oh, I see.  Sorry about that (with a hint of embarrassment).
McD: Hands me my nickel, my black coffee and says "Thank you.  Have a nice day."

Of course I was then the confused one.  For started, why was he handing me my dime back?  That would have then left McDonald's short.  Then there's the whole why can't a teenager comprehend that exchange of money and do the math immediately off the top of his head?  Sadly, it looked to me that he didn't even know how to enter that transaction into the register, which would have done the math for him and save him the embarrassment.


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