Friday, February 19, 2016

We're Down to Three, Oh Deer...

The deer were out and about last week.  They continue to visit and nibble on the neighbors Arborvitae.  There's virtually no green growth remaining on these poor shrubs, with the exception of the tip-pity tops, but they were content to forage.  

This is a mother and baby -

The mother nibbling as high as she can -

One of the babies taking branch ends off -

Here they are preparing to cross the street!

Can you locate all three in this pic?

As I've reported in an earlier post, there have been four deer all summer and fall; two adult female, each with a single baby.  However, on this day, one of the adult females was missing, so there was only three.  I suspect the worse.  I wouldn't think a mother would stray too far from her baby, even though they're approximately 6 - 8 months old.  Perhaps, the bone chilling temps took their toll.

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