Friday, March 18, 2016

Peek-A-Boo, GO AWAY!

What a lovely day, blue sky and all.  However, that is NOT what I was taking a picture of.  Take a closer look.  Do you see the little *uckers now?

If not, here's a better shot.  

Another nemesis of mine, the bloom'n House Sparrow!

The female is perched on the roof, while the male is poking his head out.

If you're wondering where these nuisance birds are let me tell you.

They've made there way into the end-cap of one of our eaves on the front side of the family room.  A combination of damaged wood and visiting woodpeckers in the Fall, opened up a hole small enough for these vermin to expand and get inside.

Several years ago a similar thing happened to the neighbors next door.  I watched for weeks on end as the combination of woodpeckers and sparrows did the exact same thing in the exact same location.  Of course, perhaps because I'm a dink at times, I LOVED it and found it very comical.  However, NOT so much now that it's happening to us.  I suspect this would be a good example of karma.

In any event I have some repair patching to do in the coming weeks.  Just wish it wasn't so high up...

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