Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Yuppers, we have a pool cover issue...

I supposed after 12 years of solid reliable use it was bound to happen.  The seams are simply rotting or melting away.  You'd think the manufacturer would use something more durable and long lasting, i.e. fishing line type thread, however, no such luck.

We purchased the cover back on May 28 or 2004 and it came with a 12-year warranty.  We removed the cover on 6/5.  The tears are a result of us wrangling to get it to the driveway to spread, clean and fold, which simply means it's usefulness has come to an end.  

So, I called the manufacturer on 6/7/2016 and...do the math!  10 days past the 12-year warranty, right, UGH!

They opened a claim and asked for photos.  There is a slight possibility they'll us some allowance\credit under the warranty towards the purchase of a new cover purchase.

When it rains, it pours!

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