Saturday, December 17, 2016


 nor are the seats on the MBTA Commuter rail -

A young college dweeb sat next to me on the MBTA Commuter rail the other morning.  Fortunately, it was a three person seat, so he was on one end and I the other.

It wasn't long after he got situated did I notice him digging in his nose, UGH DISGUSTING!  He then proceeded to lower his hand and flick his findings off.  Now at this point I'm beyond disgusted but said nothing.  However, when he went in for a second drilling but this time choosing to smear his findings off on the seat I let him have it!  I lit him up on a very quiet train.  Thankfully, he got up and left.  Chances were VERY high that had he stayed and had he said a word back in any form of justification he was going to have more issues with his nose...

People are so selfish and inconsiderate and think only of themselves, it's sad.

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