Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Find The Critter

Can you find the critter int he above picture?

8-Point Buck Visitor

We've bought our house back in 1999, so about 17 years now.  In that time we've had many, many visitors, two-legged, four-legged and even some without legs.  However, in all this time we've never had the pleasure of, or at least "seen", an adult White-tailed deer buck.  Of course they're out there, if for no other reason than all the spotted fawns we've seen over the years but the buck has been stealthy.

That all changed on November 18 of this year and what a treat it was.  For not only was there a big handsome 8-point buck calmly hanging out in our backyard, he was also hanging with a doe!

He was definitely smitten with her and didn't stray too far from her.  They were both contently nibbling on leaves and branches but oh so vigilant at the same time too.

He spotted the neighbor getting into his car -

He had some itches, prolly ticks -

At one point a black cat even ambled by to join the photo op -

They both hung out for well over an hour but eventually as the neighborhood awoke they were driven off and into the thicker, wetland underbrush they went.

The Last Remaining Blooms of 2017

Back on November 5, before our first killing frost, I took the below pictures of flowers still in bloom, or at their end, around our yard. There were only a few but surprisingly there were still some.

Lamb Ear -

Hydrangea -

Holly Berries -

Anise Hyssop -

Montauk Daisy -

Bachelor Button -

Till next year...

What If...

Monday, November 20, 2017

You Cuckoo

I saw this bird the other day but couldn't make out what kind it was.  I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple pictures, however, the way the sun was hitting him the pics were of no help in identify him.

A couple hours later I spotted him again in our Maple tree, so again I grabbed the camera and snapped the pictures below.  I've never since this type of bird before, never ever.

After doing some research I believe I've identified it - it's a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, also known as a Rain Crow and Storm Crow.

I wasn't surprised to read the following, which would explain why I've yet to see one, "manage to stay well hidden in deciduous woodlands. They usually sit stock still, even hunching their shoulders to conceal their crisp white underparts, as they hunt for large caterpillars."

Hope to see more of him\them.

Yentas - More Than One

I had a follow up dentist appointment the other morning.  The initial appointment a week earlier, another early morning appointment, took over an hour to drive the ~15-miles, via back roads, from Franklin to Needham.  This ride typically takes ~30-minutes, however, at peak rush hour all time estimates are off.  Clearly, with GPS, which everyone now has on their cell phones, there are no longer hidden back roads, nope.

So, learning from this experience I left the house earlier for my follow up appointment to ensure I'd beat the heavy traffic and be on time.  As planned I arrived early, had the parking lot all to myself and chose an easy exit parking space.  Turned the radio on for some sports talk, put the seat back, closed my eyes and began to relax...

Until the annoying "honk honk honk", "honk honk honk" of a cars horn broke the morning serenity.  This was followed by the chalkboard type yelling from one woman to another across the parking lot.  This continued as the two walked towards each other. As Murphy's Law would have it the two yentas met right beside my car.  They were so close I could have literally rolled my window down and touched them, I kid you not!  They had the entire parking lot yet here they were talking as if they owned the place; as if they were in their living rooms carrying on without a care for anyone else, like ME, but themselves, UGH!

The both saw me.  I saw them each look over but paid no attention and kept on spewing.  Ironically, they both seemed a bit perturbed when I did in fact roll my windows down, adjust my seat-back up to the full upright and locked position and listened in to their conversation.  Dry, OH SO DRY it was, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

Good news is the dental visit went well.

Safety First!

our safety pool cover has been Oliver tested and approved!

Find The Critter

Can you find the critter in the below picture - 

Here's a close up of the critter -

Identification is tough but I believe this is a Sharp-shinned Hawk.   The Sharp-shinned hawk is similar to the Cooper's Hawk but regardless they're both beautiful accipiters.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A relaxing and tasty end to a beautiful and productive Saturday with Trixie-dog!

Welcome Home!

Look what found it's way back to the Frye family!!

My mother's chair.

Fortunately, a family friend took this chair when we downsized.  She was kind enough to offer it back to us and I accepted.

Wish I had the other fancy chair of my mothers too but sadly I don't know where that one ended up.


Interesting idea, "Stall Street Journal".

This one page bulletin was a fixed above the urinal at a Cisco event I attended last week. Looks like they're monthly bulletin. 

Bachelor Pad

Jack 2.0

Now that the chickens are gone Jack is all by his lonesome.

Would love to find him a new loving home before the frigid temps arrive.

Hibernation Time

Vegetable gardens and flower beds have all been put to bed for the Winter.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Break Time, Perhaps

Our last egg.

With mixed emotions I'm out of the chicken business.  First time in 16 years that we won't have chickens in the backyard or daily fresh eggs.

It was time for a break...

Nipponanthemum Nipponicum, Common Names "Nippon Daisy"

Our Montauk Daisies are about to burst!

Planted in early Spring and faithfully watered them all Summer long.

It's nice to have beautiful late blooming flowers around.

Closed For The Season

Our pool is officially closed for the season.

It's always nice when this gruesome task is behind me.

We'll see you in the Spring...

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sea Urchin Finds

Here's just several of the unique sand dollars found at the sandbar while beaching it on Marco Island.

Sea Hawk

Can you say Osprey!

This dude was enjoying the sunshine at the beach on Marco Island.

Resting atop a marked off sea turtle egg nest, he was not too worried about our approach, and contently perched there as if all alone.

An impressive bird of prey for sure.

No More Alvino's Pizza...

Our hopes, and taste buds, were running high and excited at the thought of Alvino's pizza.

But alas it was not to be.  Upon arrival we learned the disappointing news, via a sign on the door, that Alvino's went out of business...

Ouchie Bite

While visiting Florida earlier this month Emilie was bitten by a red ant just below her ankle.

The is a picture of the bite, which she said was painful.

She's lucky it was only one bite and not a gazillion!

Fall Bears

This is the time of year that you come across the Wooly Bear and Yellow Bear caterpillars when out and about.

This dude was trying to hide.

Uniqueness At It's Best

A couple Mullein plants growing among and up past our Harlequin Glorybower plant.

Mullein is wild herb with fuzzy leaves and a member of the Snapdragon family.  They popup throughout our yard from year to year.  I find them unusual and the bees love em, so I let them do their thing.

The Harlequin Glorybower bush, also known as the peanut butter bush, is awesome too.  It fills in and out very nicely creating a nice privacy fence.  The aroma, when in bloom, is fantastic.  Typically covered in bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Lincoln Street Vole Massacre

Walked into the kitchen to witness the vole crime scene.

Oliver's first confirmed kill!

I'm guessing he was so proud of himself that he wanted to share it with the rest of the family and the kitchen floor, which is a mess in and of itself...

Good boy!!

Taking In Some Rays

This awesome Tree Frog was basking in the morning sun atop our back fence gate.  I'm thinking he thought he was well hidden and camouflaged, as he never moved.  Stayed there a good part of the day.  I'd stop and chat with him each time I passed by. 

Then he was gone.  Off to catch some pesky insects I hope.

Zonal and Variegated Geraniums

These are a couple clippings from a variegated geranium that we've had for several years now.  Given to us by our farmer friend Tim and over wintered in the basement.  Once pulled outside in the Spring to the sun they come back to life!  Clippings are easily rooted and take right off, as these two did.

I'm partial to variegated-type flowers, but also tired of lumping dozens of plants indoors for the long winter.  Just might change things up some this winter...

Contemptible Person...

Two months ago -

Came home to my recently installed mailbox looking like this...

What I believe happened is that some asshat was turning around in the neighbors driveway (directly across the street from the mailbox), which people do ALL the time and backed right into the pole.

Of course the inconsiderate asswad didn't have the common courtesy to own up to it.  Nope, the assclown simply drove off with not a care in the world.  I hope that karma pays this asswipe a visit and evens the score, only wish I could be there.

Here's Your Sign

Still Better Than A Good Day At The Office!

Blue Gill fishing with Emilie.

Boy, these dudes really go for the grubs!

We spent about a half hour and caught about 13.

Yawn or Growl?!

Well, not a ground hog but I'll still consider it a victory!

Chicken Identity Crisis

In our flock of five chickens we have this Brown Sex-link hen who's about 3 years old now. She has always been the friendliest (to me, definitely NOT Emilie) but yet the most aggressive of the bunch.  She also behaves and acts much like a rooster.

When food is made available to the group, she'll always cluck-cluck like a rooster does essentially calling over the other hens and even goes so far as to offer up whatever it is she's fawning over at the time.  Something you typically see a rooster doing.  She's also on the ready to come to the aide of the other hens when\if they're threatened.  Just ask Emilie

She doesn't crow like a rooster and I've never seen her even try.

However, she posses a single spur on her right leg.  Spurs are a rooster trait, not a hen.  Yet, as you can see below she has one and it's BIG!  Perhaps, you can understand Emile's apprehension when needing to go in the coop to collect eggs.

She still lays eggs.

So, I'll name her Caitlyn!