Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weirs Beach Laconia 2017

This is my fourth summer riding.  We typically ride on secondary type roads, often going no faster than 40ish, and seldom in a rush.  It's not about getting to the chosen destination for that given ride but rather about the ride itself.  These roads are more scenic and the rides are more relaxing and enjoyable.  During these ride there have been times we've jumped on the highway for one reason or another, hit speeds upwards of 60ish, but they're few and far between.

Laconic motorcycle week runs from June 10-18, so it was time to hit the highways for the 300+ mile round trip ride and Tuesday 6/18 was the day.

The fastest way to Laconia from Franklin is the highway and off we went!

It was a long day of riding.  A somewhat stressful day of highway riding.  A satisfying day of riding and one which I'm happy to have experienced and completed.

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