Friday, August 04, 2017

2017 Garlic Harvest, A-Yum!

Harvested our Russian Red garlic about a month ago.  I was a little disappointed in this variety.  I let them turn or ripened to about the same stage as previously planted varieties, i.e. German White and Music, however, many of the bulbs were rotten when pulled out of the ground.  The sizes of the bulbs were considerably smaller than previous mentioned varieties.

None the less, I hung them in the garage for several weeks to dry.  I spent a little over an hour last weekend removing the stalks, roots and outer bulb layers for each.  Out of the 76 cloves planted we netted about 51 tasty looking bulbs.

The bulbs that survived, although small, look wonderful and smell terrific.  The ultimate proof will be in the tasting.  Can't wait!!

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