Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All Aboard!

"The Ladies"

The weather hit the mid 60's the other day, which prompted us to do a good spring cleaning of our rabbit cages. The rabbits also got some fresh air, exercise and their nails clipped.

The ladies are two female Mini Lop rabbits that have been raised together in the same cage since babies. Our other mini lop's, Abbey and Jack, didn't get a ride in the wagon but enjoyed the day just the same. Abbey is due on Tuesday, April 3, so we're careful with her and don't jostle her too much. She has proven herself to be a fantastic mom, so we have high hopes this time too.

Emilie got excited and wanted to take "the ladies" for a ride in her Radio Flyer wagon. I'm not sure how the ladies felt about this but it was a fun afternoon for all.

Holly _hit It's Cold

This is just a reminder that even though spring has sprung here in New England we're still not out of the woods just yet, as these types of quick storms can still hit us.

Here is a picture of one of our Holly shrubs after the recent Saint Patrick's Day snow and ice storm we had. Luckily there wasn't too much snow to do any damage to the trees and shrubs, just enough to cover everything in a blanket of white.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Has Arrived!!

Yup, it's finally arrived - SPRING!!

At least I think it has. The reason I am unsure is due to the rain that turned to sleet that turned to snow this past Saturday night into Sunday. Approximately 3 inches fell in our area. Ah, but the good news is it warmed up into the low 50's and it all melted.

The bugs, birds and wildlife have begun to stir with the arrival of the warmer weather. I've noticed the Canadian geese pairing up too, which can only mean one thing - more 'goose grease' to come and fill the sidewalks, ball fields etc...watch your step!

Our bird feeders are full with a variety of visiting birds this Spring. We're looking forward to having some of these fine feather friends stick around and take up residence in one of our many bird houses. Even if they don't nest in one of the boxes I hope they stay near by and continue to visit.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Think Spring!

If yesterday's weather is any indication, Spring in New England is just around the corner and I can't wait! Although we didn't get too much snow this Winter I am ready for the warm weather and look forward to seeing the trees, shrubs and flowers come alive.

Here is a picture to encourage everyone - I took this pic last Spring of our pink Lilly of The Valley, yes pink! My guess is that when most people think Lilly of the Valley they think white flowers, which is the most common but pink one do exist. These guys will be making their 2007 Spring appearence soon...

I came across this link that I thought I'd pass along Easy to Grow Bulbs.com. I've never ordered from this company but they do offer pink Lilly of the Valley.