Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Mess with SFrye "McGregor's" Gardens!

As you can see here Peter Rabbit has found himself behind bars.
Ironically, our strawberries stopped being eaten about the same time as ole Peter here was relegated to solitary confinement.
Believe it or not Emilie caught Peter.  She took the cage he in, tossed in a handful of strawberries and left the door wide opened.  Peter hopped on in to dine and it just so happened that Emilie was looking out the window at the time and off she darted.  All she had to do was close the cage door and wallah!
We adults over think things too often.  I didn't think there was even a slim chance any critter would willingly walk on in, let alone sit there while a human approaches and shuts the door.

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