Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hunt The Wabbit Hunt The Wabbit...

I planted the (4) broccoli plants last weekend, all the while salivating just thinking of how tasty the tender florets were going to be, yummy!
As you can see from the before picture they look good; happy too!  However, if you look close enough you will notice paw prints throughout the freshly dug soil.  Clearly, we have a visiting cat issue.  Now, so long as they are catching the unwanted critters and NOT using our gardens as a litter box, they're welcome to stay.  I can deal with paw prints...
However, the after picture shows something entirely different - WHERE ARE MY BROCCOLI PLANTS?!?!  Thanks to Mrs. Wild Rabbit all that's left are broccoli stems poking out of the ground.
As Elmer Fudd used to sing - Hunt The Wabbit Hunt The Wabbit...
Before -

After -

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