Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jail (Cage) Break!

Had a code red in the auxiliary chicken coop this past Sunday morning with a couple of the young pullets attempting to "fly the coop".
It's a good thing we were home to put a stop to it.  Emilie calmly went out, caught the offending leader and gave her a stern talking to followed by some tasty treats.
However, this morning we had a double-code red at the same coop.  I was awoken from bed by the all too familiar sounds of chickens in distress.  When I looked out the window there was a Red Fox trying to get a hold of a chick.  He was darting back and forth and also jumping up against the front of the cage.  With one eye opened I was able to race outside and chase it off but not before he grab himself a chicken wing.  The good news is that the chicks wings isn't too bad and will be fine.  However, the bad news is that the fox didn't immediately take off when I approached it AND here it is 11:00AM and it's been back two more times.  Fortunately, the neighbors dog has spotted it both times and chased it off.

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