Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fun With Morning Glory's

So, we're going to see if our freshly planted Morning Glory's will climb up and along the twine we've installed.
There are three strands, approximately 20 - 25 feet long, running from a section of stockade fencing up to our deck, which is ~12 feet high off the ground.
We mixed and planted several different color varieties of MG's in a big 10-gallon container.
It's gonna be interesting to see just how far they'll make it.  If it works, they'll also be providing some level of shade for the items that usually bake in the hot sun.  Plus, an added bonus will be yet another attraction for the oodles of Hummingbirds we already have. However, this just might bring them closer for us to watch and enjoy.
Stay tuned, more pictures to follow as things progress...

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