Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smile You're On My...iPad!

Sign of the times.
These are just two examples of how already inconsiderate people can be even MORE inconsiderate!!
For example, the woman in the first picture had NO problem stepping right in front of me, as if I wasn't even there, to hoist her silly iPad and begin taking pictures.  Now that she's trying to be all tech savvy and "with it", she needs more time to get her new toy in place and working, which just takes that much longer.  All the while completely oblivious to anyone or anything behind her.  After all it was all about her and her daughter.  There were no other girls playing in the softball all-star game...
Same with this tubby one here, she's a peach this one (a story for another time).  She didn't care who was sitting behind her and who she was blocking, as she has special moments to capture and because her child was the only one at the 5th grade graduation ceremony, there were no others.
I loath them all!

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