Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thick-Skinned Gourd

I'm not sure why they're sometimes referred to as "thick-skinned" gourds, perhaps they take criticism well?!?

So, back in the early Spring I posted about having started a variety of pumpkin and gourd seeds indoors; 50 of them to be exact.  Well, we ended up with a whopping two plants that made it - both pumpkin plants; one from a white pumpkin and one from a 400lb pumpkin.  No luck with all others.
One of the plants that I really wanted to have survive, and a first time attempting to grow, was the birdhouse gourd.  Although, several did sprout and begin to grow, they failed to survive the transplant into larger pots.
Ironically, out of nowhere and handily in the same raised bed that already has a trellis, what looks to be a birdhouse gourd plants has appeared and putting the trellis to good use.
Time will tell what it produces, if anything, but there are a number of small gourds starting.

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