Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hay Mazes Are NOT Fun For All...

So, we visited a local farm stand, Tangerini's Spring Street Farm, a couple towns over this past weekend; stopped in with my two girls for ice creams and to see the animals.
Emilie has been there before with JoAnne and was aware of a hay maze that was built for the brave to venture into.  This maze was built under a rickety old barn.  By under I mean that the front entrance to the barn is on level ground but due to the slope of the ground the back side is at ground level also, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, like the fool and apparently new found claustrophobic, panty-waste that I am or have become, I gave in to Emilie's "come on dad, follow me" and in I went behind her...
Once around the first bend it looked like the below picture - PITCH BLACK!  Oh, let me also say that this maze was built with kids in mind, NOT grown (tall and wide) adults!  So, right outta the gate I knew I was in trouble - bent over and walking/crawling sideways in a super tight space is NOT my idea of a good time, HELP ME!

THANK goodness Emilie was with me, leading the way.  Also, she had her smart phone with her and had previously installed the handy-dandy flashlight app, YEAH!  Of course she thought it was hilarious when she turned it off.  The twists and turns were terrible, I could hardly move, plus the sobbing and sweating wasn't helping either.
When I had the chance I grabbed her by the back of her pants and held on for dear life until we emerged, AMEN!
Of course Emilie proceeded to take off and run through it again multiple times like it was nothing.
Phew, anyway please don't tell anyone about this!  This is between you and I.

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