Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The "Mantis", Praying Mantis

Took this picture first thing in the morning using my iPhone.  If you look close enough you can see the morning dew drops beaded up along her back -
We watched this brown male, over the course of a couple hours, hanging upside down as it shed it's skin.  This was a first to observe and very cool!

This lady is the biggest of the ones I've spotted in our yard this Summer.  She has staked out a corner that has Golden Rod and a purple Butterfly bush.  She's always there.

Another first below, a mating pair of Praying Mantis!  This is the same female as in the first picture above later that same day.  Much to my surprise I spotted the smaller male approaching and mount her.  They stayed that way, in the same spot, for over an hour, then slowly worked their way back into the ornamental grass and out of site.  I was hoping to watch her devour him but didn't want to disturb them during coitus.

With the scads of Praying Mantis we have this year, I can only hope next will be the same.  Boy I hope so, as having such predators around to eat the insects is welcome!

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