Thursday, February 19, 2015

"I'll Have It Added To The List"...

Here is an extremely rare photo of a Franklin sidewalk snow-blower machine.

They're seldom seen, as evident by the snow covered sidewalk all over the town.  I just don't think they like the cold and snow.  I was holding out hope they'd have be out and about during February school vacation week to catch up but no such luck.

Calls to the DPW office to inquire about sidewalk cleaning are as equally ineffective.  Typically met with an, "I'll add it to the list" and/or "we're down several machines".

Really?!  Do they really need to be called to have something as obvious as this added to their list?  School's back in session in four days, what are they waiting for?

Yes, I realize they're busy and they've been working to stay on top of all the snow we've had.  However, this is not something that just began happening in 2015.  Nope, it's been going on for years now.  The danger and risk of having people walking in the streets to get to bus stops, the mail, etc. would be something the town would want to avoid.   Seems like a potential legal issue just waiting to happen.  Hope no one gets hurt too bad.

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