Sunday, February 01, 2015

Stephan's Gardening Tip: Snow-Manure Tea

Before - 

After -

I made six trips trod-ding through twenty-plus inches of un-shoveled snow while carrying two-five gallon buckets full of chicken and rabbit droppings/bedding (manure) up to the garden.  I then proceeded to spread the manure atop the snow, atop the garden.

My rationale is that more snow will fall and cover said manure.  As each day passes they'll get longer with more day light, eventually giving way to warmer weather and melting.  As that process takes place I'm counting on the melting snow-manure mixture to create a manure-tea of sorts and seep into the garden soil fertilizing and softening it.

Eventually, when the ground thaws and planting season arrives, I'll till the contents into the ground and plant.  Then sit back and watch the vegetables take off!

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