Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Westwood Snow Removal

In anticipation of this past weekends snow storm, which dropped another 12+ inches of snow, I headed to my folks house in Westwood to check out how the house and shed roofs looked.  As it turned out they had too much snow and needed to be cleaned/shoveled.

The shed roof, especially the old chicken pen roof was bowing inward.  It's a good thing we cleared it off, as there is no way the roof would have been able to handle the snow that fell on Sunday.

I cleaned the porch roof -

My friend and Franklin neighbor Ralph cleaned the main house roof -

My other friend Kevin cleaned the kitchen roof -

We all joined Shane on the shed roof to clean it -

The above picture give you a very good visual of just how much snow was piled on the shed.  When all cleaned, the snow at the rear of the shed was piled higher than the back edge of the roof!

I'm SO thankful that Ralph, Kevin and Shane offered to help otherwise I may still be there...

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