Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Happy Happy!

It's been a long process but today was my last visit to the dentist to address my 2015 dental issues!

One cracked back tooth (lower left side) that required a root canal, my first, UGH!  One cracked and broken back tooth/crown (upper right side).

The root canal typically requires two visits, however mine took three.  Appointment one, nervous, I reluctantly arrived ready to go.  The dentist, Dr. Wang (not my regular dentist but a root canal specialist that works with and in the same office as my dentist but only on Wednesdays.) began.  First order of business was nova-cane and a lot of it.  After a brief wait for the numbness to set it the drilling began.  No worries couldn't feel a thing.  However, once he was through the tooth and at the nerve OUCH!  More nova-cane.  Wait.  Start drilling again.  OUCH!  Done.  Turns out there was inflammation in tooth which prevents the nova-cane from being able to penetrate fully.  So, reschedule for the following week after taking a weeks work of antibiotics.

Appointment two, (the following week, Wednesday) nova-cane again.  Wait.  Drill... No pain.  20 minutes later done.
Appointment three, (the following week, Wednesday) same process, however, 40 minutes later done! 
Thank you Dr. Wang!  Onto Dr. Magier

Appointment four (first with my regular dentist). Take impressions for two new crowns.  Install two temporary crowns.  The temp crowns are really to protect the tooth underneath and not intended for chewing.

Appointment five (second with regular dentist), install new crowns!


Celebrate at the British Beer Company tonight for BOGO (buy one get one) pizza!

Although I have dental insurance experience tells me that most of the above work will not be covered, ALAS.  Just like having another root canal but without nova-cane...

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