Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AH, Finally!

After the long Winter we just went through here in New England I wasn't sure when we'd be able to get to spend time working in the yard. Well, the good news is I spent this past weekend outside puttering.

Besides pulling out all of our stored Spring and Summer items, i.e. planters, patio chairs & tables, bird bath, etc., raking, edging and pruning was performed.

Our raspberries took a beating with all the snow and had to be tended too.  All the damaged ones were cut back and all the old dead stems were removed.  Fingers crossed that they'll repay the hard work with many many tasty berries.

Kudos to Emile for all of her help too!

Placed the lawn chairs my dad used to enjoy back on the front lawn.  Then Trixie-dog and I put them through their paces.  Just kicked back and enjoyed the afternoon and sun.

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