Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Grass Is Always Greener

More spring cleanup and lawn progress made over the last couple of days!

  • Picked up lawn fertilizer, four bags; Scott's 4-step program (15,000 sq ft bags)
  • Pulled my lawn tractor out of winter storage from my neighbors shed
  • De-thatched the entire lawn
  • Lowered the lawn tractor blade and mowed the entire lawn, with the primary goal to pick up the mountains of thatch pulled from the yard.
  • Spread bag of Scott's fertilizer, step 1.  Perfect timing too, just before the rains arrived.

I'd like to think I'm ahead of schedule for spring clean up.

Emilie and I are off to do more errands today with one stop being at my favorite nursery, Pumpkin Seeds.  Perhaps, I'll pick up some lettuce.  Need to scratch the veggie gardening "itch"...

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