Friday, May 08, 2015

Thy Springtime Weed Enemy

This tiny, flowering weed, known as Shotweed, is an annual that makes it's appearance in early Spring and is scatter in and around most of our flower beds.

Its common name reflects an ability to shoot seed from elongate, slender pods explosively when ripened. Tiny white flowers appear on stalks from the center of the rosette of leaves.

This weed goes by a variety of common names: Shotweed, spitweed, Pop-in-the-eye Weed, Wild cress, Western Bittercress, and Little Bittercress are just a few of the names you’ll hear.

Once the seed pods are ripe the slightest breeze or touch, will send tiny seeds flying all over, especially in you eyes, so you best be careful when weeding.

It's not snap/crackle/pop but rather shot/spit/pop...

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