Monday, June 08, 2015

Finally Found Our Way.

The Quabbin Reservoir.

We made a couple attempts last year to find to the Quabbin but were unsuccessful

Yesterday, with half the riding crew and after a late start (~2:30PM start), we headed out.

After about a 3 hour ride up we found our way to the reservation and climbed the Quabbin Observatory for a spectacular view in all directions, WOW!

It was a short visit, now about 5:30ish.  We needed to get back on the road as the clock was against us.  Although a chilly ride back once the sun went down, the three hours seemed to go by quicker than the ride up.  After about 180 mile round trip ride, we met our families around 8:30PM for dinner at Coles Tavern in Franklin.  We arrived just in time for the chicken wing appetizers and a cold Coor's Light!

Now that we know our way, we'll plan another ride up but this time we'll  leave much earlier.

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