Monday, June 08, 2015

Long Overdue Marshfield Visit

Emilie and I took a drive last weekend to make a long overdue visit to our farmer friend Tim!

I will not tell you the last time I was down or how long it's been.  Suffice to say it's been too long.

It's always a unique and enjoyable time.  We stopped and picked up sandwiches for lunch, then sat with Tim ate and chatted and swatted mosquitoes.

We brought with us six baby chickens about two months old; three Buff Orpingtons and three Rhode Island Reds.  Already weened from the heat lamp, fully feathered and ornery.  I must admit, it was SO nice to see them gone and not have to clean them any longer.

As usual we left with a car load of flower and vegetable plants, which equate to hours of work getting them planted once home. 

His place is a tad overgrown ever since he got rid of the goats.  Off in the distance is the greenhouse -

Here are just some of the Hereford cattle and pigs - 

And here's more of the pigs.  Another pen -

Sure do wish we lived closer...

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