Friday, June 12, 2015

NO Vacancies, Shoo!

So, in theory the idea of hanging bird houses around the old homestead with the grand plan of attracting beautiful song birds is a good one.  However, in practice it has it's flaws.

Over the years we've been fortunate and had the likes of Blue Birds, Wrens and Chickadees take up residence - these birds I welcome.

The dreaded House Sparrow on the other hand is one I do NOT want but have been unable to deter.  Our neighbor has a Purple Martin house atop a tall pole, which has turned into low income housing for the dreaded House Sparrow, UGH!  They're an unattractive, a nuisance, a lazy and a dirty bird.  They're forever on and in the chicken coop stealing feed and pooping on everything.

Here is a male perched atop one of our houses -

Here is my solution to encourage them to go elsewhere.  Sadly, this applies to all letters -

Here is one of the many Catbirds we have checking out my handy work and in complete agreement with my methods -

The only flaw in this method of mine is a 13yo named Emilie...

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