Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Home Gardener's Most Dreaded Pest!

All you gardening enthusiasts can you tell me what the small black dots are (they're actually green)?

Here's a hint - They typically appear in late July and early August.


Here's another hint - They're found in the tomato garden, at the base of your plants.

How bout now?

OK, another hint - They're a voracious eating machine that can and will cause an impressive amount of feeding damage!


Last hint - They seemingly grow before your eyes; doubling, tripling and quadrupling before you very eyes!

They're caterpillar poop and it's a tell tale sign of the dreaded Tomato Hornworm!!

And I found (3) monsters in our tomato garden this past Sunday.  Here's one pictured above.  I suspect there's more but it was too humid and I was too spent by the time I made my way to the tomato garden.

Normally I would feed these dudes to the chickens.  However, since Emilie is away till Thursday I need to keep them around.  Of course they can't stay in the garden unwatched and unregulated, so I've moved them into an insect container along with some tomato plant clippings. They've already eaten every last leaf and it's only Tuesday, not to mention the poop mess they're leaving behind.  Thursday can't come fast enough...

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