Sunday, August 02, 2015

Got You, You Wabbit Stew, You!

After spotting a young woodchuck in the yard the other morning, I thought it prudent to set the ole trap.  Broccoli has worked in the past, however, I didn't have any handy.  As a matter of fact I didn't have anything to use as bait, so I simply moved the trap to what I thought was a pass though spot and set it with plans to bait later.

Well, low and behold look what happened to venture inside and get "trapped"!!

A stewing rabbit or perhaps a fwicasseeing rabbit...

She was just a young'n but had done some damage in her short time.  Had a fancy for our echinacea.  I transferred her to a box and took her for a ride several miles away.  A nice spot, if I do say so myself, beside a large pond with grass, plenty of spots to hide and ironically a bed of echinacea.

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