Friday, August 07, 2015

Meet The New England Revolution!

The New England Revolution 2015 "Meet The Revs" season ticket holder exclusive event was held at Gillette Stadium last night.  I was fortunate enough to obtain (4) tickets to this event, so off we went!

One of the highlights for me was being able to walk on the turf.  Much different than watching from home or even from the stands.  Definitely a different perspective. Looked smaller from field level too. 

Starting at 7PM the Rev players were each assigned to specific autograph tables on the 100 level concourse.  Two players were seated at each of the twelve tables, see seen below -

So, we had two hours to visit all twelve tables to obtain twenty-six (some tables had 3 players) autographs and take photos.  The lines were long in general but especially the more liked/famous players like Jermaine Jones, who's line went on and on and on.

In the end JoAnne, Emilie and I did pretty well.  We split up and each stood in a different line.  Emilie had the autograph poster, pictured above, and made sure to take JoAnne or my place in line, as the two of us went into another line.

We were able to get 22 of the 26 players autographs and many pictures with the players!

It was a very nice take and beautiful night to be outside. The evening ended with an awesome sunset over top Gillette Stadium.

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