Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Crafty As A Fox

We had a 4-legged visitor this morning, and what an absolutely beautiful animal it was!

The chickens alerted me to his presence with their distinctive, something's amiss, carrying on's!

The good news, from what I saw, he didn't seem interested in the chickens or at least he wasn't near the coop or fussing with them.

I opened the window and began to clap in an effort to shoo him off.  He did scoot but didn't bolt.  He made a long slow arch to the driveway side of the house.  Looked like he was thinking about crossing the street but something scared him back.  By the time I got to the downstairs window that overlooks the driveway the dude ad caught, what looks like a bunny, and was devouring it.

This dude is welcome anytime, so long as he leaves the chickens alone and continues to catch and eat rabbits and other small unwanted critters.

He wan't having an attempt at a closer photo opt, nope.  He heard the slighter slowly opening, grabbed his breakfast and took off into the woods.

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