Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What A Difference!!

I did a little side work this past Saturday for a family friend.

She had some old and very overgrown shrubs along the front of her house.  I suspect they were some forty-plus years old and not tended to or pruned in that same time.  They were blocking the windows on either side of the front door and growing out into the walkway making access to the door a challenge.

I made the recommendation that something should be done with them and I told her I knew just who to call too.  I was very surprised when she said "Okay"!  So, I jumped at the opportunity and with loppers and chainsaw in hand I went to work

Before -

After -

I cut the evergreen shrubs back, leaving just the stump and some short branches.  The plan is to pull these dudes, four in all, right out of the ground with a friends truck and some chains.  This is a future task.  The two rhododendrons I cut back drastically. New growth should begin all over and it'll fill in before you know it.  Same with the azalea.

The homeowner can now see out her front windows without obstruction, more sunlight will come into the house, especially the basement windows on the far side.  The pachysandra too will now get more light, as will the rest of the beds.

I'll pull the stumps this fall, then come Spring we'll reassess and look to plant new shrubs and annuals.

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