Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oh, Don't Mind Us!

Let me start but admitting that these are not the best pictures, I'm aware.

Emilie spotted the two young deer lying in our front yard the other evening, around 7PM.

We grabbed the camera and proceeded to open the front door every so slowly and make our way onto the front stairs.  The deer on the right, located just above the "g" in my watermark, stood up.  The other one wasn't concerned and didn't budge.  The one standing wasn't concerned either and began eating some acorns, which were blanketing the front lawn.

Here's a close up of the dude on the left - 

Here is Emilie sitting talking to them and trying to get them to come to her - 

I really do not want these critters in our yard, especially after all the damage they've done to our hostas, strawberry plants, sedum, etc.  Clearly, they're comfortable here and used to us, hence them not taking off.  However, for now with the Fall upon us, the more annuals they eat the less I have to cut back and cart off.

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