Friday, October 30, 2015

Take Me Back In Time

I came across the following items when preparing the garage to store the lawn furniture.

I completely forgot I had these items.  They've been stored in a carton and tucked away in a typically inaccessible spot, well until this past weekend anyway.

These came from my farmer friend Tim.  His dad owned a building that housed an auto parts store in the front and an auto repair shop in the back many many years ago.  The back of the building, the repair shop, closed and sat empty for years and became a storage spot.  Many items from back in the day when it was up and running were still there.

Some 10, 12, 15 years ago my friend sold the building.  I helped clean it out at that time and saved a number of items, these cans being just a few.

The Shell cans are tin and with the exception of one all opened and from the early 60's.
The Oilzum are cardboard and also from the early 60's.
The Yoohoo can is steel and I'm guessing late 60's early 70's.


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