Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Joys Of Snowblower Repairs!

With the help of my neighbor we replaced the engine plate on our Craftsman snowblower.

The difficulty rating for replacing this piece on the Sears parts website was 4 out of 5 wrenches, yikes!

Well, in some respects they were spot on.  Actually, it wasn't all that difficult but we did need to essentially take the machine apart.  Once apart all we had to do was remove the four bolts holding the engine to the engine plate.  Simply right?!  Um, nope!  Three came off with relative ease.  The forth, however, just would NOT come out.  We tried all kinds of tools, leverage tricks, sprays but she wouldn't budge!  In the end we ended up drilling out the old bold, which was threaded and instead installed a through bolt, pictured above.

The work was akin to the Gilligan Island cruise, you know a three hour cruise.  Instead of this taking us maybe two hours, it took closer to five!

She's in good shape now.  Hoping after putting in all this time and effort, the snow will stay away this winter.

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