Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paintball Contusion!!

Google defines "initiation" as follows -
"The action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual."

Well, this past Sunday I was initiated into the world of paintball, ayup!

My initiator was our neighbor Shane, aka "Junior Lollipops"
My initiation was taking a single paintball shot center mass

For months I've been able to postpone the inevitable but the pressure was mounting.  I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder, especially when working in the yard, for fear of being ambushed.  The yard work was suffering and I was a nervous wreck.  I was even fearful of going to the mailbox some days. I was living in fear; trapped in my house. A prisoner,

This Sunday it all came to a head. I was given an offer I could not refuse - take a single shot that afternoon or multiple shots at some other unknown time. I was tired of running.  The only thing left to do was give in and finally let Junior Lollipops take the shot he was so obsessed with.

So, I did...

#Man-Up, #ThankYouSirMayIHaveAnother, #NoMoreFear, #TeamValhalla,

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