Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Can you spot the difference in the top two photos?

Here's a closer view, just in case you had trouble with the pics above.

Another item that's been on my "list" for quite some time now has finally been completed!

The tricky part was the electrical, phone and cable wires these trees were growing into and over.  However, once limbed we were able to drop the tops without any issues.  Limbing was done in short order.  They were loaded into the bed of the truck as they were cut.  Once they were all loaded, we made a quick visit to the town recycle center where we unloaded them.

The stubs were easily pulled out of the ground, roots and all, with the pickup truck.

I now need to rake and neaten up the area, then figure out the plan for moving forward.  Thinking about tightening up the mounding and edging around the Kousa Dogwood then planting grass where the spruce had been.

I have all winter to think about it.  It does open things up quite a bit.

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