Saturday, January 09, 2016

Commute "Snarl" or "Nightmare"...

Yup, I got stuck in this Wednesday night during my commute home.

I was within 2.5 miles from the scene when traffic came to a complete stop.  Took me about 1-hour to drive that distance, once the road was reopened.  I could have been waiting a lot longer, so I guess I'm fortunate in that sense.  The 7-mile back up doesn't take into consideration all the traffic attempting to merge onto 495, i.e. Mass Pike, Rt9, etc.  I'm sure those side roads were equally as backed up too, which would me much longer delays for those commuters.

My commute up to this point was great!  I was on track to me home at about the 1-hour mark from the time I left the office...nope.

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