Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dumb and Dumber Perhaps

I was randomly taking outside pictures yesterday afternoon as the storm moved in, which in the end dropped a good 8" - 10" of heavy wet snow.  Certainly can not complain compared to the walloping we took last year.

A couple somethings caught my attention high atop a Boxelder tree out back.  I was very surprised to see two Grey Squirrels holed up out in the open, covered in snow as the storm raged.  For lack of a better term I'll say they seemed content but of course that couldn't be true.  Why were they sitting out there in the open like that is puzzling for sure.  I would have thought they'd be in their nest, wherever that might be, hunkered down with an acorn or two to ride out the storm.

I checked back a couple times and they were still there but eventually got busy and forgot about them, so not sure how long that braved the chilly, wet conditions.

Of course I wouldn't be too disappointed if they turned into "squirrel popcicles"...

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